The Command Post Programme

Using techniques drawn from military exercises, this series gives participants a unique 'command post' experience.

Taking on role within a military-style team similar to a military command post, the participants are given a series of increasingly challenging problems within a tight time-frame.

The features of this exercise are to practise:

  Rapid and effective decision-making within a limited timescale
  Excellent intra-team communication to ensure key information is transmitted in a timely way
  Dealing with what is known as the 'Fog of War' that is, making decisions when complete information about all the factors is impossible to obtain – using that vital skill of making a good 'best guess'.
  Demonstrating leadership skills in a pressured environment.
  Gaining positive reinforcement of good practice as part of the success feedback in the exercise.

The Programme

The programme is broken down into four stages –

Boot Camp – briefing on the roles and the structure of the exercise, and a 'shakedown exercise' with a series of simple problems to check out that the teams understand the basic Command Post methods.

Mission One – the teams are placed under time pressure to deal with a crisis situation (based on a historical situation, usually). There is a debrief at the end of the session to review how it went and lessons learnt for the team's functions.

Mission Two – the teams are faced with a demanding scenario, based on a real world situation where rapid decision-making and managing scarce operational resources in a low-information environment allows then to use (and develop) their full range of interpersonal, decision-making, communication and leadership skills.

Debriefing – this is an honest and open analysis of the way the teams worked, reviewing strengths and areas for development. This can be combined with a developmental or training action plan for individuals or for the team as a whole, or both.
The Command Post Programme is an excellent way of bring teams together in a shared experience that celebrates their existing skills while at the same time giving everyone an opportunity to hone those skills and develop new ones in a clearly boundaried environment

The programme can be run over one, two or four days - longer programmes are recommended for larger groups.

Photo: Tim Price


Number of participants
One Day
Two Days
Four days
1 - 20
21 - 60

61 - 100


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