"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

This is a classroom-based game designed for groups of any number of students from a small class or study group up to a full year group. It is ideal for a transitions project, as it introduces in a practical way tools and concepts of negotiation and problem solving..

It works well with older students too, and fits into work on citizenship, social responsibility and global issues.

The game looks at global problems from a variety of perspectives, and throughout the game young people get to explore issues of peace and conflict and the global issues facing their generation, through the perspective of those who have to make the important decisions in the world.

Role playing, decision making and gaining experience of global issues, this game engages young people in the world they will inherit - learning about it by doing.

In the game, the groups are divided up into 'countries', each with specific characteristic - social, economic, demographic - and this fictional 'global community' of teams of students is faced by challenges in a range of key areas - environmental, social, health, natural resources and emerging technology.

How they respond to each other - from the perspective of their 'country' in the game will impact on how the issues are resolved (or not resolved).

Players find they need to cooperate, communicate and negotiate - but there is also the possibility of conflict - it all depends on your perspective. How they resolve conflict becomes one of the issues that is emergent in the game-play.

At the end, students get to reflect on the 'history' of their world and how it came to be as it is - and we find they gain a clearer sense of the global issues facing world around them from day to day.

They also enjoy it!

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