A simulation of the Invasion of Normandy June-July 1944
"I have also to announce to the House that, during the night and early hours
of this morning, the first of a series of landings in force upon the European
continent has taken place. In this case, the liberating assault fell upon the
coast of France."
Winston Churchill, House of Commons 6th June

The players in The Liberating Assault take on roles as divisional, corps and army commanders for the attack on Normandy at D-Day and the subsequent operations to puch inland.. The game uses a large full colour map and blocks to represent the deployment of the many divisions, and players get to make decisions about deployment and logistics.

The game is designed to engross the participants and give them a sense of the scale of the campaign and the particular problems faced by the Allies in trying to liberate France.

The game is scalable depending on the numbers involved - we have run it for small groups simulating a smaller part of France, to the entire battle involving a school year group of around 120 students for a whole school day.

At whatever level, The Liberating Assault has proven to be both entertaining and challenging - and has a lasting impact on many of the young people who have taken part.


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